Thursday, October 02, 2014


Dear gorgeous person - you! 

Just wanted to share with you a few pics from our romantic two week trip to Greece.

Enter Bob - our Fiat Panda hire car! We should have so gone for a Suzuki Jimny!! Poor Bob struggled up all those mountains but we are so proud of him!

The view up from the mountain on our way down to the beautiful beach - leaving our wonderful village Asos in Kefalonia

Having one of many coffee breaks in Ithaka. Not much to see here. Plus all we wanted was dessert so we hung up our tourist hats for the day

Yet another date night in Kontokali - We had such a blast! We drank lots and lots of Lattes and Cappuchinos #MyFavourite. Check out my boyfriend 'E' feeling cool in his beach shorts and hat in the picture above! The picture below was a date evening in the gorgeous Levkada.

Just chilling in Corfu Old Town. One of the few times we asked someone else to take a picture of us. Notice the man in the background who looks like he is of African descent? Although he has a funny shaped head, I actually felt like - 'Aaahhh home!' when I saw him :)

On our way to Yaliskari beach - it's clear we both love selfies! To be honest, this time around, we could justify taking selfies - we were waiting at a bus stop in Kontokali (Corfu) for ages and people wouldn't stop staring at us so we needed something to distract ourselves! We got stared at loads because it's very rare to see people of African descent in Greece and it's even rarer to see an inter-racial couple! People really did stop and stare! Most times, we went along with it as the stares were quite adoring; as if we were royalty. However, other times it was just annoying!

A lovely looking plant pot deco we found in the beautiful village of Skala (South East Kefalonia) on the last leg of our trip! Personally, my favourite place of all three islands we stayed on. So much culture and everything was a walking distance.

Listening to Christina Perri's #Lovestrong album right now as I write this. So romantic - it's bringing back so many personal memories of being in beautiful Greece. To say we had an amazing time would be an understatement. I would definitely recommend the Ionian islands for your holiday, especially if you're a new couple.

xo xo 

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