Wednesday, October 29, 2014


Hello gorgeous person - you, 

Now I'm pretty sure by now you know I love me a good yummy local pub so here's one I found the other day on my travels!
As the name suggests, it's called The Hill and it's located in Forest Hill (South East London). I would totally recommend this to anyone looking to have a quiet Sunday lunch in a lovely homely pub.

Every thing about the place was so very colourful, warm and welcoming. Check out the manager above running around making sure everything was okay. You could tell they really do care about their customers. One feature I really loved though is this gigantic piano - and yes, it actually works! Whilst we were eating, a dad and his two young daughters (probably about 4 & 6 years old) decided to have a go and it was just so lovely to watch aaaahhhh!

My camera always goes every where with me, even on days I'm not planning on blogging and this beautiful Sunday was no different. As soon as I walked in to The Hill though, I literally whipped my camera out and the staff were so kind, they let me take lots of pics and didn't mind at all.

Now I'm a huge fan of taking pictures of my food - of course. I love to document what I eat. My boyfriend 'E' had Cod and Chips whilst I had the healthier looking option of the two pictures below.

Crispy Beer Battered Cod - golden fried with thick cut chips, mint puree and tartar sauce - £9.95

This dish on the menu was called Superfood Salad with Citrus dressing. Should have contained artichoke heart but I swapped that for grilled chicken (I love it when I can do that!). Other ingrendients in this yumminess are crunchy asparagus, blueberries and toasted almonds on a lovely bed of salad! So yummy yummy in my tummy! - only cost £8.50

For starters, we had bread and oils (my fav) but we didn't want to be too greedy so we skipped dessert! 

The staff were absolutely amazing. Very welcoming and just lovely to be around.We sat in front of the window which also doubled as a door and looked out onto the street - so we could watch the world go by. Absolutely loved it. It's nice when you find these secret places that are like hidden gems. I will definitely go back there. 

Please let me know if you get a chance to visit The Hill or perhaps you may have been there before. What did you eat? Did you have a lovely experience?

Check out their lovely vintage website and be sure to follow them on Twitter @TheHillBar or simply pop in 45-47 Dartmouth Rd, Forest Hill SE23 3HN. Enjoy.

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