Monday, October 13, 2014


Dear gorgeous person - you!

It's another Monday. I've just been back at work today after a two week holiday to Malta. Today felt a bit positive but I couldn't help but feel the only reason why that was is simply because I tried my hardest to stay positive... and yes it is a lot of hard work for me as someone who seems naturally upbeat.

I try to see the good in everything and I really do try to be happy but at the moment, I am spending a lot of my time re-evaluating my life.

I'm currently in my late 20s and as much as I know roughly what direction my life is heading, I am really starting to question how exactly I am going to get there and most importantly, when?!

I guess it doesn't help that I have recently caught the blogging and vlogging bug especially because I see kids like Zoella who is almost a decade younger than me vlogging away on YouTube and making tonnes more money than I've ever dreamed of. I know, I know - you must never compare yourself to others and sometimes people say "oh it's never about the money" but then if you asked them would you rather have money or not in addition to your life as it is now, which fool would answer no?!

I am certainly not lacking direction. I have no doubt that I want to pursue working in Television and Radio, using my credentials as a Chartered Physiotherapist as a solid foundation to spring from and branch out. However, the impatient side of me is now really starting to come through.

I heard a brilliant piece of advice from a lovely young girl called Kristina from fullyraw - in one of her videos, she said - just take it one step at a time otherwise it'll all overwhelm you. Admittedly, she was talking about becoming a fully raw vegan but somehow it seemed exactly like what I needed to hear in relation to where I am in life right now, despite the fact that I have heard people say this so many times before.

I'm only human and bound to have sensitive and reflective days like today! However, the show must go on! I just tend to dust myself off, pick myself up and off I go!

Does everyone feel like this in their late 20s? I'd really love to know. Do you fee like you know where you're heading but then you don't? Please let me know. I'd love to hear from you about your experiences and how you have managed (or perhaps still managing) to deal with them.

xo xo

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