Friday, October 03, 2014


It's Day 6 and only yesterday, we've moved to the absolutely stunning island of Gozo from St Julians. The first thing we noticed was how absolutely SILENT it is here. You can literally hear a pin drop! It's so quiet it's scary.

We have a luxurious one bedroom apartment to ourselves. I mean you could literally fit 20 people in here, it's huge! Leading out of the living room are a set of great big sliding glass doors that gives you a full ceiling to floor view of the lovely big pool area, so big you would think it was for a small hotel. Rather, we have this to ourselves and because it's October, we only have to worry about sharing this with one other couple.

It's such a beautiful place and clearly we're not the only ones with good taste! Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt and their brood are reportedly holidaying here too. There have been a few sightings of them but they mainly stay on their yacht we're told. So who knows, we may bump into them at some point. Note to self "Keep make up on at all times in case you get to take a selfie with them" haha I wish!

Traditional Food...

Wherever we go, we love to submerge ourselves in the tradition of the country - especially through food. However, over the past 6days, we have tried and failed. All we got on various menus were 'traditional' fish and chips, steak, pizzas etc - pretty much everything we eat in England.

You may argue that it could be because for the first five days, we stayed in St Julians which was the tourist central, unbeknownst to us. However, we probably only ate there once. Every other time, we were out visiting other beautiful bays like Mellieha, Paradise Bay,  Ghajn Tuffieha and of course the beautiful Golden Bay. Travelling is so much easier when you have a hire car.  

Despite all this travelling, we found it difficult to find traditional food. We had figured out that Rabbit was about as traditional as we would get so we just needed to find a nice place to eat it.

Enter Maltese Rabbit....

Our first night on Gozo, we found the lovely restaurant called Jeffrey's Restaurant which was rated 1 of 4 restaurants in Gharb and had a certificate of Excellence in 2014. The pictures looked great and so it seemed nothing could go wrong. We arrived there and it was a small place - 14 seats, very cosy and could immediately see why people had to pre-book in Summer. We were the first ones in but within 20mins, it was full and some people got turned away. 

I did not hesitate to order Rabbit and so patiently waited for it whilst eating the complimentary bread and garlic butter. 

My Review: 4/10

Presentation - lovely 

Texture - I did not feel weird eating rabbit but although the meat was cooked to be tender, I felt it needed to be cooked a little bit longer 

Moisture - I am a lover of sauce and although it came sat in a little bit of sauce, it was mainly water and actually tasted like stock rather than a complimentary sauce. It almost felt like eating the meat on it's own to be honest

Taste: Pardon me for saying but absolutely flavourless. One of my pet hates is eating meat without flavour. It seemed to have only been spiced with garlic and Rosemary which only tasted okay on the surface but when you get into the meat, there was nothing. Thank God for the very salty potatoes that made the few mouthfuls I had a little more bearable.

Safe to say I did not enjoy it al all and hence only took a few bites. I might try Rabbit again but definitely not at Jeffrey's. If you love bland food, this may be perfect for you!

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