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So here I am on this beautiful Friday early afternoon. I’ve just finished a written interview with the amazing Dan Isaacs, Chief Operating Officer of KUDOS – a TV Drama Indie responsible for amazing shows like Spooks and The Hour.

I got to Angel station in North London and realized I had loads of time left before the interview so I casually strolled myself to the KUDOS office.

The interview went so well I decided to treat myself to a taxi ride back. Brilliant decision on my part because the taxi driver recommended a lovely place to eat. Unbeknownst to him, I was already looking for somewhere to eat brunch like I’ve never had before. I just fancied something tasty, healthy-ish and different.


This wonder of a place is conveniently located on White Lion street, right opposite Angel tube station. The taxi driver dropped me off right in front of the Islington Centre for English which is directly opposite this beautiful restaurant/café. I immediately got greeted by the ear-pleasing sounds of some (what seemed like) Mo-Town music, the likes of James Brown amongst other genres. On hand to welcome me was a lovely waiter who kindly showed me to my seat.

I took what felt like a forever but must have just been a minute to make the decision of where to sit simply because I was blown away by the interior of this gorgeous eatery. It was everything from the metal ceiling shades to the overhanging dried peppers stacked in piles and dangling from different parts of the ceiling, to the endless bottles of wine and jars of Bil’s Jams and Marmalade neatly stacked in shelves that make up part of the wall, to the colourful writing in white and pink chalks all over the black boards which are carelessly placed throughout the dining areas.

Once I was settled, a lovely lady called Marta came to take my order. She was very smiley and really helpful. She pretty much told me I could have whatever I wanted. Staff at Bill’s are happy to take away and add to dishes as you please. I was very impressed by this because looking at their very varied menu, it’s a full books worth of food hence most restaurants this size would like to keep things simple by strictly sticking to what is on their menu. For me, this was more than a simple statement made by the waitress. Rather, it immediately brought to my attention the culture and the sense of value of their customers. In effect saying, they very much care about their customers’ satisfaction.

The waiters and waitresses paid a lot of attention to detail. I noticed this with other customers too. Food came out very quickly for everyone and there was just a sense of “This is a safe place to eat”.
The members of staff were also very helpful with whatever I needed. They weren’t put off by my camera. Instead Marta told me I could snap away and another waitress with a very soothing deep American accent rightfully named Crystal was more than happy to provide me with all the ingredients of my food and the very important wi-fi password. Five stars for wi-fi by the way. In my opinion, it’s the 21st century and every shop, café, restaurant etc. MUST have wi-fi.


I ordered a mixture of the Naked Burger and Bill’s Hamburger. Tastefully placed on my plate was a       tenderly but well done beef burger (just how I love it), tomatoes, lettuce, horseradish mayonnaise with extras of streaky bacon and Monterey jack cheese. It was exactly the protein overdose I was after. Definitely hit the spot in every kind of way...hell yer!

Accompanying that was the lovely Super Green Smoothie. I told Marta I wanted something very healthy and she recommended this, saying it was spinach based. Immediately I had some reservations. I’m heath-conscious but not anal about it. Who puts spinach in their smoothie??? However she was quick to clarify the contents of the smoothie and adding it’s one of their best sellers. It contained bananas, grapes, spinach and apples. Crystal informed me it used to contain greek yoghurt but the recipe had recently been changed. At this point, she had sold it to me so much that I was past considering whether I would like it on not that I simply wanted to try it.

This is just as well because it was so refreshing. Light on the tongue and no glupiness when swallowing. I LOVED IT!!!!! I have since made loads of this at home. In fact, I have since invested in a NutriBullet and I make this smoothie almost on a daily basis. It's amazeballs honestly! Have a go! Do read my blog on this is the "Health & Fitness" Category. 

Overall, an amazing place to eat. I will definitely come back here for breakfast, brunch and dinner. I mean it was that good, I couldn’t help but take a selfie in their ladies #shameless!

Please let me know if you get a chance to visit Bill's in Islington or perhaps you may have been there already (or a different branch) before. What did you eat? Did you have a lovely experience?

Check out their website here and be sure to follow them on Twitter @BillsRestaurant or simply pop in 9, White Lion Street London, N1 9PD


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