Friday, October 10, 2014


Hello gorgeous person - you! 

I have to apologise because this blog is long overdue but never too late to post a blog! I wrote this about 2months ago but somehow haven't managed to post until now.

I know I’m a 27-year-old woman and I need to realize that I have now ‘become of age’. It’s not that I’m in denial about my age but it’s just I never think of myself as being 'old enough'. I’m not scared of doing the things grown ups do like getting married, buying a house etc. but until that time comes, I will just continue living and striving to achieve my goals.

However when I see my very close friends get married – and A LOT of them are getting hitched now, I’m like ohhmaagaaahh – WE ARE OLD ENOUGH!

I would like to take a moment to share with you my beautiful friend Diyanah’s gorgeous day. She got married here in England as well as in her hometown of Malaysia. These pictures are from the wedding in Luton, England I attended. To say the bride looked amazeballs, is an absolute understatement.


I was so emotional; I danced until my feet absolutely hurt. I ended up having to take off my 6-inch stilettos but she was worth it.

Dee and I – just like old times...

I chose a Blue and White outfit for the wedding. I really wanted something that would stand out without upstaging the bride (she would have been a tough bride to upstage anyway haha!). I have dedicated another blog to my outfit - you can read that here.

Dee also sent me these beautiful pics of the first wedding - so jealous! She looks da bomb!

So proud of you Diyanah. You looked absolutely stunning on your big day and I wish you and Kasim all the very best.

To my lovely readers, do follow Diyanah on Instagram here.

xo xo

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