Friday, October 10, 2014


So I got this random idea to try something new the other day. I somehow decided my food is too samey! I love to cook just as much as I love to eat and seeing as the bulk of my diet revolved around chicken and protein, I dimply decided to cut it all out!

Now I'm originally Nigerian. So it's embedded in me that I love chicken and any form of meat in all it's glory. I think it's okay to believe in things like animal rights as each to their own but that's not me. I'm not becoming vegan to fight for animals. Rather, it's to try something new, to change my diet, change my health and more than anything, to challenge my meat-obsessed brain to try new things.

I'm pretty sure my family will think I've gone mad or something. My boyfriend already thinks it's one of my many phases I go through - and maybe it is - even I don't know.

All I can say is that at the moment, I am loving my new lifestyle. It's only been a few days but I do know that I definitely need to find a balance as I seem to be currently stuffing myself with crap loads of carbs (WITHOUT GUILT) haha! So I need to eat a lot more fruit and veg!

I keep watching all these videos on YouTube and browsing websites like mynewroots and deliciouslyella for recipes. They're like my two new fav people. I find myself on Google all the time trying to find the next best vegan recipe or idea for dinner and then trying to make it my own in the kitchen.

Here's one I made earlier:

Now I must admit that I really wanted cheese and I found this vegetarian organic cheese at Sainsbury's but unfortunately could not find a Vegan alternative :(
                                               Joy's Fruit and Nut Salad Medley.
Ingredients: Salad leaves, olives, cranberries, mango chances, pineapple chunks, baby tomatoes, clicked dates, blueberries, cashew nuts and of course some lovely grated cheese

The Non-Vegeterian Version (for my boyfriend)
Ingredients: Chicken, Salad leaves, Olives, Baby Tomatoes and Cheese!

I loved my salad! Although it was very cold, it was nice to have it with a cup of tea - so refreshing! Best of all, I wasn't tempted to pinch some chicken out of my boyfriend's plate!

To all my Vegan friends out there, can you please recommend alternatives for cheese please?

xo xo

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