Sunday, November 10, 2013


A letter to my beautiful niece.

Dear Ruby,

Last weekend, I had the opportunity to look after you my beautiful, gorgeous little niece. You wouldn't remember this because you are only 4months old (that'ld be impressive if you did haha) but I looked after you overnight which meant the nappy changes, waking up in the middle of the night to feed you, rock you to sleep etc. We even had uncle Ian being all hands on too :)

Overall, you were a very lovely baby and a pleasure to be around but then the times that you cried, it was not pretty! Oh hell no.... It was absolutely ear piercing! You would throw your head and arms right back, kick your legs and scream the house down.

Luckily for me, because of your tender innocent age, you have already managed to get yourself into some very predictable routines e.g. sleeping for a certain number of hours and waking up for food at particular times etc just like your mummy said when she gave uncle Ian and I a twenty minute "crash course" on how to look after you on Saturday afternoon before we adopted you for the evening

This made taking care of you pretty easy. However, what we were never able to predict were the times you would cry and how loud, except of course when uncle Ian tried to hold you. For some reason, you really did not like that, although you would let him change you and play with you whilst you were laying on your tummy - your most relaxing position. At four months old already, you are a pro in quickly switching from an angel to a complete diva! LOL! A girl after my own heart.

Uncle Ian did manage to cuddle you to sleep at one point though - and he was so proud of himself. I was of him too. When we successfully got you to settle down, we took advantage of every opportunity to have a picture with you - yes even whilst you were asleep!!

I loved it though! You totally made me laugh and having that amount of responsibility was amazing. You kept me on my toes and the whole time, it was about you and you alone my princess. Good practise for me as I would like a big family but I know I'm certainly not ready yet. Hats off to your mummy G-G-G-Gemma who is just one of the amazing women I know in the world! How does she do that all day, every day? She loves you so much and so does your daddy (my big brother
) and everyone else around you.

I can't wait to see you grow into the beautiful woman I know you will eventually become. Until then, I can only wish that time slows down and I have more opportunities like this to enjoy watching you glow as you grow, obliviously trusting everyone around you to do the right things by you, before life inevitably takes your innocence away.

Here's a video blog you unknowingly agreed to make with me! Thanks for teaching me that sometimes the most important things in life as right under your nose! Love you very much.

Your God-mother and Aunty...
xo xo

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