Thursday, August 08, 2013



It’s been 9 days exactly today that I started my weight loss plan. After my last blog, I lost 2 extra pounds and you will think Scott my personal trainer would be impressed but instead, I got a gentle telling off to slow down! As if I didn’t know it already, he reminded me that this is a lot of weight to lose in a week and he really didn’t want me losing a stone in 2weeks - not on his watch! Grrrr. Don’t get me wrong, I hear what Scott’s saying but truth be told, I didn’t really have to do a whole lot to lose a staggering 7lbs in 1week!


I normally have a very unhealthy relationship with food! Being African - we cook, we eat - period! Where I’m from, before women get married, their families lock them up in ‘the fattening room’ feeding them milk, bread, pasta and any other form of fat and carbs. Whilst spending time (up to a few months) here, the women are not allowed to do any form of exercise, including housework. There is one aim and one aim only - TO GET FATTER AND FATTER AND FATTER!!!! Why? I hear you ask - well, simple - being bigger is a sign of wealth - hence, it’s more appealing to a man if his woman looks curvier! Take that you size zeros! Haha :D


1)  I am an emotional eater. However, I eat more when I’m happy and comfortable - in the company of my loving friends, family & colleagues. Partly because I don’t feel judged and I can be myself. If I love being with you, I eat with you. This has always been me.

2) All the women in my family are or have once been overweight so if I let myself just live - there’s simply no escaping a weight gain.

3) I was brought up to believe that if you don’t finish your food, it’s an insult to the person who cooked it!

4) My brain does not understand moderation! If I like something, I will eat ALL of it! Ask Dismas at work! In the name of having a healthy snack, I bought a big pack of crackers (it’s healthier than our usual digestives), I managed to skip lunch and my left hand wouldn’t stop reaching for crackers and in the end, I ate the whole damn thing!

So What do I do? I stupidly say to myself - Joy you’re not allowed X, Y, Z - so for a few days, I don’t eat X, Y, Z but then of course, temptation sets in and after a few hours of deliberation with myself, I drive down to McD or KFC and I get the biggest fattest burger ever! But it doesn’t stop there…Oh no no no! I will also get a side order of chicken strips, some sort of milkshake and possibly an ice cream! Basically, I go all out! The next morning of course, it’s guilt galore!!!! As if I wasn’t expecting that! Then because of this, I go back to eating ‘healthy’ i.e starving myself of all the things I love and it becomes a very unhealthy cycle!

This week however - it’s been simple! No McDs, No KFC, No pinching biscuits at work! I’ve been to the gym 3times, boxing with Scott for up to an hour each time. I have absolutely no craving for junk food now. Check out my lovely lunch yesterday (yes that’s mango chutney on the side - salads don’t need to be boring!)

If you don’t believe how easy it is to lose weight, try it! Not that you need to though because you are beautiful just the way you are.. but then again, so am I ;-)

Love, Joy.
xo xo

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