Friday, August 02, 2013


YES!!!!! Exactly that - 5lbs loss in 3 days!!! I’ve been so good this week and for once, weighing myself does not make me think - err ok, I’ve almost doubled my goal for the week in only half the time, let me treat myself to a slice of cheesecake - it wouldn’t hurt! Instead, I’m thinking - I’m gonna keep going and see how far I can push myself!

So how did I do it? Simple:
Day 1 - Hardcore Personal training at the gym 7am, Less than 1000calories
Day 2 − 20minute work out by myself, Less than 1000 calories
Day 3 - Hardcore Personal Training at the park 7am, Less than 1000calories
Day 4 - Err that’s today! :)

It happens to be Friday 02/08/13 (Happy Birthday my beautiful Trish Leahy), so Scott (my personal trainer) and I have decided to take a break from training until next week where we go hard!!! We are both very aware that the aim is to lose weight not gain muscle mass, so I’m sticking to 1000cal all weekend.


Mon/Tues/Wed/Thurs - 07:20hrs - Treadmill 10mins, then express personal training with Scott for half hour each time! We’re keeping it simple and effective.

Sometimes, people make weight loss seem a lot harder than it actually is when the only hard thing about it is your determination to lose weight! Remember - you can say ‘No’ to that cheesecake! Think about it, what difference does it actually make if a slice of cheesecake is sitting on the counter of Waitrose or in your stomach? The only answer to this is that you gain weight with the latter. So losing weight is simple, if you simply leave the cheesecake alone!!!

In other news, my treats to motivate me for the weekend have arrived through my post! I know from past history that I can do a diet/exercise program for the first few days and then temptation kicks in. So at the beginning of the week, I ordered some treats for my holiday to Greece! Feast your eyes on these babies:

Classy holiday, classy swimwear! Yay! Well… I just need to lose 11 more lbs in order to comfortably fit into a UK size 6! Doable? #BringItOn

Motivation for the week: If I can do it, so can you! Now stop reading my blog and go for a 10minute walk! (But do come back at some point this weekend to read another blog :))

Love, Joy
xo xo

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