Monday, November 02, 2015

Dear gorgeous person, you!

This post should have been released yesterday but unfortunately my week has been hectic hence, I so apologise for the lateness but I'm pretty sure the content will make up for it, especially as this has been a very well requested video by you lovely people. Following my video last week about HIIT sessions, a lot of you asked if I could do a video for exercises to do outdoors. I was pretty pleased about this, hence couldn't be more than happy to finally share it with you.


As promised though, I wanted to share all the links you need down here.


I wrote a lovely blog about Paragon when I first joined and I stand by everything I said. I love this place so much and I needed it! I had been a member of my local gym for over a year and just did not feel like I was making any progress, despite having an amazing PT. The problem was I had too much on my mind and I needed to get all the frustration out of my head somehow. I always knew in my heart of hearts that the one thing I needed to do was boxing but I needed to find the right one. Need I say more? Paragon run classes regularly so do check them out, as well as on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. The website I mentioned in the video with the amazing deal is called Living Social.


Alicja does not only teach at Danceworks. Here is a link to her other classes in London. Follow Alicja on Instagram, Twitter and Youtube where she is constantly posting pics and videos of her amazing classes. I wasn't joking when I said this woman has a ridiculous amount of positive energy. I literally can't wait to be back in one of her classes again! I contacted her on Twitter randomly on the same day as the class and literally said to her that I was bringing my camera and she couldn't have welcomed me with more open arms. And gosh, her body!!! #BodyGoals #ThatIsAll. For other Dancework classes, check out their website here.


My bbf Bedi hooked me up with this one. I had been dragging him to a lot of workouts and he literally said 'Joy, my turn to choose where we work out!' so I'm like 'Roger that!' - he of course chose this. I arrived early because I wanted to set up my camera etc and I was so surprised to find out it was what seemed like 'a yard' - everything was outdoors, it had been raining the day before and was a little damp (and you know I hate the rain!!) but as soon as I walked in, I was so taken aback by what the guys in the yard were doing that I soon forgot about my little first world problems and started filming them. I was pleased to find out about the history of Block Workout too, such an inspirational story. You can also follow Block Workout on TwitterInstagram and Facebook. Btw check out this amazing guy below doing things my body will officially never be able to do!

Felix arrived and gosh he was not the yoga teacher I had in mind. It's difficult not to be taken aback by him. Other than his obvious tall, muscly yet flexible build, he was just such a lovely, down to earth person, concerned by the environment and spirituality. You can follow Felix on Instagram or check out his website for different classes he runs. And um shall we take another moment to appreciate the good things Yoga can do to you!


As mentioned in the video, this is seriously London's best kept secret. I still can't believe this has been running for a couple of years now and I had zero clue! How amazing is it to just pop down to the NIKE store and go for a 5, 7 or 10k run right after work? They welcome you with open arms and give you free bottles of water. They're also very considerate during the runs as they appreciate some people are much faster than others. Hence, they get the faster runners to do sprints backwards and forwards which always keeps the slower runners (e.g. me) in the group. Really refreshing and as per the picture, on this day, you can see I got E to join in - this was at the NIKE store at Oxford Circus. It was literally round the corner from E's work so as soon as he was done, he headed back to work and I went home #win. 

Prior to this, I had also attended Nike's Bootcamp session in Westfield, Shepherd's bush. Technically this was not working out outdoors as it was in the car park but really it could have been anywhere. The trainer Running Coach G was amazing. He was such a good motivator but in the friendliest way possible. He even introduced me to Periscope! Check him out on Twitter and Instagram here.

To book onto a NIKE class, check out their website here.

Really hope these have been helpful and thanks a lot to those of you who requested this video. Feel free to leave any more video requests in the comments section below here or on You Tube. In the meantime, here's that video in all his glory.

Remember, new videos out on Sundays from now on. 

Lots of love, 
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